High-performance, Eco-friendly, Cost-effective solar

Progress Solar

Progress Solar Solutions is a privately-held company headquartered in North Carolina (NC)

Solar LED Light Towers (portable units / 7 models)

The solar light towers take the advantages of solar renewable energy and LED light systems on the road. Ideal for special events, construction sites, security and any other application where on-demand lighting is desired.

Solar Power or Solar Energy Installation Services

Solar power provides renewable energy from the sun that is typically interconnected and sold back to your local electric utility (in-grid) to offset routine electricity usage, ever-rising electric bills and carbon generated from fossil fuels.

Solar LED & Induction
Outdoor Lights

Solar outdoor lighting combines the benefits of Commercial Solar Installation with energy-efficient LED or induction lights. Options include free-standing lights completely independent from the electric grid (off-grid). Contact Us For Booking Solar LED Lights.

Progress Solar/Hybrid™
Light Tower

Everyone is looking for ways to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness in their operations today while minimizing total costs and any negative impact to the environment (carbon emissions, noise & light pollution).

Premier Solar Solutions Provider

Progress Solar specializes in providing high-performance, eco-friendly, cost-effective solar solutions for commercial, government, institutional and tactical military applications. We provide the latest in renewable energy and energy efficient lighting technology to produce durable, commercial quality solar products for mainstream applications like portable solar and solar/wind off-grid power solutions, solar LED & induction outdoor lighting and installation services for commercial solar power and solar energy generation.

Progress Solar Solutions is a privately-held company headquartered in North Carolina (NC) that provides comprehensive turn-key solutions including design, products, installation, service and financial acquisition options (where needed). All Progress Solar products are manufactured in USA.

The company is associated with Tool Time Electric, Inc, a large residential and commercial
electrical contractor serving North Carolina (NC) since 1994.

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