Solar Power Solutions?

We provide the latest in renewable energy and energy efficient lighting technology to produce durable, commercial quality solar products for mainstream applications like portable solar and solar/wind off-grid power solutions, solar LED & induction outdoor lighting and installation services for commercial solar power and solar energy generation.

Solar Power Options

Progress Solar Outdoor Lights that are off-grid are easy to install and extremely reliable, even in demanding environments. Free yourself from ongoing electrical bills and maintenance schedules and the uncertainty of electrical grid performance.
• No trenching, wiring, cables, or electrical contractors required
• LED lighting life (50,000-100,000/hrs) significantly reduces maintenance calls and the associated costs
• Up to 5 years before scheduled maintenance is required
• Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy wind

Implementing Solar
After you have made your decision to move forward with Progress SolarTM Outdoor Lighting, our objective is to make the implementation as easy as possible. You can choose to order, install, and maintain the solar outdoor lights yourself; we can provide a turn-key solution including design, product recommendations, financing, ordering & shipping, and installation & maintenance (within service area); or any combination of the above. It is totally up to you.
Easy Acquisition
After you have made your decision to move forward with Progress SolarTM Outdoor Lighting, we can work together based on your objectives, budget, and cash flow to come up with the best acquisition option for your needs. There are a variety of options, from a capital purchase to renting the solar lighting to purchasing it over time within an operational purchase plan. An added bonus is the significant number of renewable energy incentives that apply to solar outdoor lighting.These incentives vary based on the type of facility, location, and application.