Progress Solar Solutions is a privately-held company headquartered in North Carolina (NC) that provides comprehensive turn-key solutions including design, products, installation, service and financial acquisition options (where needed). All Progress Solar products are manufactured in USA.

Why Solar?

Because it reduces ever-increasing energy bills, reduces dependence on others locally and internationally and contributes to a cleaner environment.Most traditional energy sources are either limited, restricted or create pollution, negatively impacting the environment. Regardless of the type of traditional source of energy used—electricity (coal, nuclear, etc), natural gas or fuel oil—the challenges are similar: it is costly to find, process, distribute and use.

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These traditional energy sources have increased in cost significantly in recent times and are likely to continue increasing, while reserve inventories continue to decline. The time to take action is now. Solar is an abundant source of renewable energy, readily accessible, and a proven and cost-effective solution to all the energy-related issues discussed above.Taking advantage of renewable-energy power sources like the sun and wind will help us keep a cleaner, more secure future for ourselves and future generations.

Dark Sky Friendly

There has been a Dark Sky Friendly initiative over recent years to address nuisance lighting and light pollution. Recent changes in exterior lighting ordinances are moving from non-cutoff and semi-cutoff light optics to controlled lighting (cutoff) and dark-sky–friendly (full-cutoff) fixtures to reduce glare, light trespass, and urban sky glow. Progress Solar Solutions is committed to providing the most environmentally friendly lighting solutions available.

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Light Optics – Control of Light Distribution

Full-cutoff – used in dark-sky–friendly locations to minimize light pollution; optics direct the light on the ground below the fixture; light not allowed to emit above 90 degrees.
Cutoff – controlled lighting; <2.5% of the light is allowed to escape the fixture above 90 degrees. Semi-cutoff - vast majority of the light is emitted below 90 degrees. Non-cutoff - light is emitted in all directions.